The Saga of Snow

Poor Snow – she’s going to have an identity crises!

First, I created her and named her Caelli.  And Caelli is a fine name if you are a gnome.  I have many gnomes named Cael-something.  Oh – and by the way, that’s pronounced with a hard C – not with a soft C that Brasse used on the SOE Webcast last night.  Though I do love when Brasse gets all dwarfy on us.  Anyway – I don’t have hardly any non-gnomes starting with Cael…  I think I have an arasai wizard sitting in a closet some where.  Oh, wait – I also have a dark elf.. maybe that’s why she sulks all the time.

So after a few levels I deleted Caelli and re-created her as Snowilla.  Got her up to lvl 10.  All was fine and good until I realized that I could have made her a fae and started her in New Halas – where all the snow is!  First – I haven’t done a lot of quests in New Halas – I think I started one toon there – and I don’t even play her.  She’s long deleted.  So of course, I had to delete poor Snowilla and recreate her as a fae.  She’s not nearly as pretty as the original Snowilla.   Poor fae, they got the long end of the ugly stick.  All their hair is just straight – nothing interesting at all.

I now have a fae Snow in New Halas.  She’s done one quest.  I’m sure I’ll get to play her this weekend.  But I have all that Erollisi stuff to do too!  Oh, I’m going to be busy this weekend!

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