There be Giants!

For much of the past year I’ve been participating in a “progression raid guild” on Freeport.  We spent the bulk of the time doing RoK zones, with some TSO zones mixed in.  I played Caely during that time and she was level locked at lvl 80.  We were able to get our mythical weapons – the wizard epic is Dragon’s Marrow.  It was pretty cool to be able to get my mythical weapon by doing the many raids involved, on level.  It’s an accomplishment I’m very proud of.

But, in doing all that, I missed out on the DoV expac.  I bought it, but didn’t really explore any of it.  I’m back home on the Butcherblock server now with the guild I’ve been a member of since 2005.  They all have multiple lvl 90 toons and run the DoV zones nightly.  So it’s been a lot of fun learning about DoV and doing the zones.  They’ve been very helpful with getting me gear, and recently got my mythical weapon converted.

Caely’s been able to get some decent gear.  I think she’s in mostly Ry’Gorr armor.  She’s still mad at Febbi for selling the colossal reactant though.  Most of her jewelry is now lvl 90.  The zones have been fun, and she’s getting quiet the collection of Primal Velium Shards.  I need to start getting her faction up so she can buy some yummy adornments.  I’ve started on the Great Divide quest series but haven’t gotten very far.  I’m not much of a solo player.  But give me a good dungeon crawl and I’m there.  I guess it’s because I really love the social aspect of the game – and doing solo quests doesn’t lend itself to being social.  AoV is a fairly social guild – lots of voice chat – lots of laughter.

Last night we went to Iceshard Keep.  It was a fun zone – with giants!  Giants in Norrath always crack me up.  Being a gnome, I don’t even come up to their ankles.  I got several quests done and managed to get a little over one AA (right here, I should link to my AA spec, but I don’t have one built yet – and I’m fairly sure the general consensus would be “that’s pathetic” if you saw it).  We had a good time – even with a few deaths… umm, one I caused 🙂  The good thing about being in a guild, when you do something stupid, they don’t yell at you.  They may curse at you in private, but in chat they just laugh along with you.  We are working on the current Dominance quest, so I think I’ll be seeing more giants tonight.  Maybe tonight I won’t forget to equip my “fancy food” – Ambrosial Coffee and Ambrosial Fruit – neither of which Febbi or Febi can make yet (but they are researching them both).

In other news, I did my crafting chores, and yet again, no reactants.  I did get a rare though.  I also went ahead and did a few more combines of the sturdy mallet so that the next time I don’t have to craft – just turn it in.  Too bad my apprentices are obviously clumsy with their equipment.

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