Tinkering with Caela’s Corner

Yesterday I spent much of the day working on the website.  Got a new theme – I’m sure you noticed 🙂  I went through and took screen shots of all my toons.  Figured out how to get them in the torn out spot to the left.  They rotate – every time you go to a new page you get a different image (at least you are supposed to, it’s random, so sometimes you’ll get the same one again).  After I looked at all the images, I went back and did them again.  Some had much better lighting.  At first I thought I would get a picture of each one in their favorite places… Febbi in front of a stove, Flea in her bedroom, Caely in her purple room (she has an entire room filled with just purple items – she won second place in screen shot contest for that!) – and a few were taken in the guild hall where we have some flowers, deer, aquarium – and the lighting is just really good.  Those pictures turned out so much better than the other ones.  So I went back through and took everyone’s picture in front of the nature area with the good lighting.  For the most part I’m happy with the pictures – though some are a little closer than others.  That may need some tweaking.

After that I went and did some tweaking of the categories.  Before, when you clicked on a category, you got one page with each post in full – made for a very long page, and the post you might be most interested in might be at the bottom.  Now, when you click on the categories you get a page with an excerpt from each post – it’s a much smaller page and hopefully you can find things of interest faster.  The only thing I wish I could do was make the random picture that displays on a toon’s category page be of that toon.  But it’s random. :/

Then I started on the toon biographies on the About Me page.  Adding pictures so you know who is who.  That’s a work in progress.  And I decided I really need a custom banner that says Caela’s Corner that’s a little more stylish.  Since I’m not good with graphics, I’ll need to find someone who is.

So, I hope you like the changes to the site – all 5 of you 🙂

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