Too much candy!

I’ve been very busy (and way stressed out) in real life to be able to play much EQ2 this past week.  I’ve gotten very little accomplished in game.  I’m not sure I even played The Lottery last night.

Except for candy overload.

Caely has been farming the Shard of Love Erollisi instance for candies.  The drop rate was very low the last time I went in there – only got about 29.  I’ve been getting closer to 50.  Of course, I avoided the bees.  Those bees are dangerous!  They hit hard.  I died like 3 times to them the first time, so now I just skip that part of the zone.  You have to be on the quest Heal the Pain (or Tainted Love) to access a special zone of Shard of Love.  In that zone you have to kill 20 mobs and pick up 8 vases.  As long as you don’t pick up the vases, the zone will reset in a half hour and be repopulated.  So I’ve been going into the zone over and over to get candies.

The candies can be exchanged 1 for 1 for Erollisi coins.  300 coins gets me a purple pony!  Oh yeah!

Oh, and roses.  Rose overload too.  I’ve been harvesting the roses like crazy.  Put on my tradeskill spec and I can harvest them pretty well – bountiful harvest gets up to 24%, which is almost 1 in 4 chance to get a double harvest.  I need about 500 more to complete the entire questline for giving out roses.  At least with the roses, if you harvest them, you can continue giving them out after the event is over.   Best place by far to get roses is New Halas – they are everywhere.  And lots of people to give them out to.  You know, like 5 people.

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