Truth or Consequences

After spending much of the day tinkering with the site, I did manage to take Caela out for a spin.  Caela, who was my very first toon, doesn’t see the light of day much.  She’s a warlock – level 65.  Has about 150 AA – so not too bad.

Caela and Arazmus – hubby’s lvl 65 Beastlord went to Maj’Dul to work on some faction.  Remember, I think faction sucks.  But this faction is not too terrible.  There are three factions in Maj’Dul: Court of Coin, Court of Truth, and Court of Blades.  I’m not positive of all the ins and outs of this, but basically if you kill one faction guards, your faction goes down with them – and you collect faction tokens off each guard.  You turn in the tokens to an opposing faction to raise your faction with them.  From what I can tell, your faction can only be raised through turning in opposing faction tokens (and probably quests).  But it can be lowered by killing that faction’s guards.

So, why do you want faction?  You can get Maj’Dul housing.  Other than the cool factor, I’m not sure why you would want it as it costs both gold and status upkeep (shhhh, don’t tell Flea she could get free housing – she’s paying through the nose for her S. Qeynos house where everyone is crashing at the moment – I really should change that to a prestige home or New Halas).  You also can buy the lvl 50-59 Advanced Books and Advanced Teaching recipes.  And a few other assorted items – like creature catalog books (quests) for DoF zones, as well as some nice looking horse mounts.

These advanced books are heirloom – which means you just need the faction on one toon to supply all your tradeskillers.  So it’s worth doing just for that (which is why we are doing it).  These books are only available as drops or through Maj’Dul faction.  You can probably find the books on the broker, but they may be expensive.  If you have a lot of crafters to supply, it’s certainly worth the effort.  Just remember to only work on one faction at a time.

The zones are designed for lvl 45-60 – most of the mobs were level 52ish and all but very few were grey to us.  The tokens are body drops, so no issue with getting them.

Caela had previously done some of these and had 12,500 faction with Blades when we started yesterday.  And for some inexplicable reason, perhaps it was the migraine I had brewing all day, I told Hubby to kill the Blades guards.   By the time we were finished, we each had some 40+ faction tokens.  And that’s when I realized, I was trying to GAIN faction with Blades – and I was killing Blades!  I was down to 7,500 faction (without turning in the tokens) before I realized it.  Yeah, not so smart.  One of my stupider moves in the game.  We started killing Truth and Coin guards – clearing two towers and any other guards we saw, then turning in.  We would have 25ish faction tokens of each faction.  You go to the Tower of the Moon to turn them in to your faction person.  We did this round twice and I was able to get to 34,500 faction with Blades.  You need 40,000 to buy the recipe books.  So I am almost done, but Hubby started at -50,000 – so we have quiet a bit more to do.

I’ve heard you can buy the tokens on the broker, but a search last night didn’t come up with any.  I wonder if that was removed with the vendor fodder.

I did learn that Caela sucks at combat.  Her casting time is just terrible.   Press the button, go get a snack, come back and it’s still casting.  I swear!  So I need to look into getting her casting speed reduced.  And she doesn’t do that much damage – Caely can do her big nuke and one shot just about everything.  Caela barely makes a dent – in grey mobs!  I think she would be a lot more fun to play if she would cast faster and do more damage.  She did have a great ability of pulling at least two floors of each tower with her AoE 🙂





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