Vanity, thy name is Purple!

If SOE made a glob of poop in the color of purple, I swear Caely would force me to buy it.  Caely loves all things purple, and has a pretty big collection.  When I was on the Freeport server we had a player that ran contests – I think he still does – Lord Colby Jack.  He had a screenshot contest in which you needed a screen shot dominated by one color.  I think Caely won second prize!  Got 50p out of it and all she had to do was stand in front of all her purple things.   If you are on Freeport, be sure to check out the Player Events forum for more of his contests.


The other day I was looking at the essences you can put on your weapon – and sure enough, there was an Essence of Nature.  I’ll try to get a better screen shot of this, but basically it’s a vine with purple flowers – shown in the screen shot, except you can’t see the purple flowers.  Yeah, Caely had to have it.  She actually cried until I forked over the 100 plat for it. Some seller on BB thinks I’m a sucker for paying 100 plat for a little doodad for purple flowers…  wait.. I am a sucker!  I haven’t even spent 100 plat on spells -and now I’m spending it on flowers?  She does look awesome though. And yes, she has several sets of purple clothes.  Malevolant Robe, Kerra Casual Wear in Mulberry, Thurgadin Formal Wear in Royal, Northweave Purple Clothing crate (SC, has three sets in various shades of purple).  I’m looking for more!

And yes, Caely does have a Purple Pony!!!  

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