Why can’t they make pretty robes?

I was very excited tonight to get a new robe.  I had been wearing a lvl 80 Ethermage’s Flamespun Robe – which was T3 Void Shard armor from the WoE x2 raid.  At level 90 it was, well, *pathetic*.  At lvl 80 it was *very nice*.   So I was very excited to get a *nice* new robe from the Rallos Zek zone (and finished up that dominance quest!).  I didn’t get the *very nice* robe, just the *nice* robe – Sectator’s Ice Covered Robe.  Have you ever seen this robe in person?  Fugly is being nice.  Looks like a cat vomited on it.  And I actually know what cat vomit looks like.

Good thing I have a variety of  PURPLE appearance clothes….  Caely certainly loves her purple! 

In addition to doing these zones most nights, I’m collecting a fair amount of velium shards…  If only I could spend them.  I don’t have the needed faction.

Faction sucks.

But, you can get some rather nice adornments with the proper Velious Faction and shards.

But faction sucks! I’m far far away from getting anything.

I did do a few quests in the DoV expansion tonight.  I just hate doing solo quests.  The whole reason I play this game is to group, and do things with people – but to get the faction you need, you have to do a whole bunch of solo quests.  So not my scene.


So, yes, the night was productive.  I got a bunch of shards, I got an AA out of it – Oh – here’s my AA spec… yeah, I need more AA’s – and I got a new robe, even if it does look like cat vomit.

I’m hoping we will soon be able to go into Drunder.  Because drunderwear is fun to wear!



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