You Get Better at Soloing (5/450)

Ok, my soloing skills are a little better than that! I’ve never been one to like soloing – much prefer going with a group.  I like the game to socialize and talk to other people.

But I spent a good bit of time on Saturday on Caely doing the Othmir and Snowfang Gnolls questlines – I now have 10K faction with the gnolls, but my Othmir is not nearly that high.  I can’t find any more quests to do for them.  I’m sure I’m missing something.  I’ve also branched out and did some at Thurgadin Harbor, Forward Staging Camp, Goahmari Village and Storm Gorge Staging Camp – but they are a bit scattered about – not nearly as contained as when I was doing the Othmir and Snowfang quests.  With those, it just went from one to another, very quickly – but these others are leaving me a bit confoozled.  Well, Gnomes are naturally confoozled.

After I did the quests, the guild realized we had a good amount of folks on and decided to head out to ToFSx2  We did really well.  Killed everything we tried with probably no more than 2 pulls, and that was on just a mob or two.  I believe there are two more mobs in the zone to kill.  It really wasn’t much like a raid – it was more like a big happy group.  I got one piece of jewelry – there were some nice upgrades in there, so I hope we can go again soon.

And of course the Feb’s played The Lottery – and got booby prizes all around.  But some day….

But wait, there’s more!  Earlier in the day we went to a Winter Guard competition to see our youngest daughter perform.  They did really good and placed third.  This is just the first of many we will go to.  At least they are in gyms, so we don’t have to worry about the weather.

After all that, I still managed to fit in some time to watch United States of Tara – we are finally on Season Three on Netflix.  Unfortunately Showtime has canceled the series – so three seasons is all we get.

Today, I didn’t do much of anything – in game or out.  Well, I did change the theme on the site, and added pictures of my toons.  Hope you like it!

This week the guild plans on doing the Kael Dominance quest for all those  yummy shards.  I’ve been able to make all the Rage Drunder wear, and need more shards to make the next pieces.

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