You’re on your own kid!

I played very little last night – maybe a half hour.  Got on Caely, blew up two mobs in Kurn’s Tower and made 2 plat.  Can’t beat that!  But my evening was fairly stressful, and sometimes, killing things help.  And it did.  Caely go BOOooooOOOM!

I then played the lottery – got a potion and a booby prize – 20 eel or something – eeewwwww.  I’m not sure I would call eel a prize.

Then I hoped over to Snow – err, I mean Caelli.  I may have to rename her to some variation of Snow – because when I think of her, I call her Snow.

I have decided that I’m going to play her as if I didn’t have any other toons.  Except for extra shinies and L&L parts – because other wise, those things take over my shared bank.  But they are not going to give her rares or money or hand me downs or make her fancy food.  (they might give her faction earned tradeskill books – we’ll see how much I want to pull out her snow white hair 🙂 ).

Caelli managed to get a level – maybe two last night – did a  few quests. I think I was lvl 5 or 6 when I started, and she’s lvl 8 now.   She killed a couple of names – they both dropped treasured chests – I think the mobs were level 5.  And then, she killed a trash mob and got an ornate chest.  Go figure. And level 10 items came out of the chests.  That is just so wrong.  Why can’t I get gear that I could either wear or squish.  At level 8 now she hasn’t had a single item she could squish.  Transmuting is going to be a bear with no outside money/help.  I really think SOE needs to revisit under level 10 transmuting.  Or, they could put gear in chests that are the same level as the mob you just killed, instead of 5 levels above it.


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