Yummy Shards! More Drunder Wear!

The guild started the Kael Dominance quest on like Saturday.  I don’t think anyone actually did anything until Sunday though – going into Icy Shard Keep.  I missed out.  I went to bed at the unheard of hour of 8pm.  I was tired.  So Caely missed out on ISK.  Tuesday we did Throne of Storms and then last night we did Zek.  But as a bonus for a couple of us that had missed out on Sunday, we to ISK.  Didn’t really take us very long – and I got my 14 shards.  I have enough shards now for another piece of Drunder wear!  Go Caely!  I thought it was really nice of the guild (which are mostly working folk that go to bed early) stayed on a little later to help us get our shards.

During much of ISK the talk turned into an absolute nerd fest.  Talking about xml, jcon, and SOE’s new data feeds.  At first it was rather interesting, as our guild leader has been working on EQ2U over at EQ2Wire.  It’s not ready yet, but it’s coming “very soon”.  But it soon devolved into pure nerd speak.  Not even sexy nerd speak.  My eyes glassed over.

I also made a coercer last night.  Not sure what possessed me.  Ok – I do.  I was going through some old toons on other servers and saw this Arasai I have – she’s all white.  Her hair, her wings, her skin – her clothes.  She looked really cool.  So I wanted to recreate her on BB – but I think she was a wizard on the other server.  I don’t need another wizard.  But I do like mages.  Coercer sounds like an interesting class, and most people who make them like them.  So I thought I would give it a shot.  I started out in Gorowyn and my first quest was to kill poachers.  At lvl 2 I got the Charm spell.  Well of course I had to try that out!  I managed to charm a little crab and sent it in to kill a poacher… the thing one shotted my little crab pet.  Oh well. I’m sure the spell will come in handy at some point.  I named my little snow white coercer Caelli.  Yeah – it’s getting really hard to come up with Cael* names.  I’ve taken most of them on BB.  Looking back, maybe I should have named her Snow – although there is a lvl 90 Snow on BB – seems to be playing, so I guess I’m not too upset.  What stinks is when you want a name and find out a lvl 2 has had it for the past 3 years and they aren’t playing at all.  SmokeJumper said at one time they were going to clean that up “soon” – but you know how “soon” goes in the SOE universe.

Anyway – so I’ve added Caelli to the pack of Fizzletoes – we’ll see how she goes.  I’ve lost a lot of interest in Jumjumm.  Mostly because she kills so slow and it’s just tedious to play.

I really should go through and delete some of my old toons.  But for one reason or another I keep them.  I did manage to delete a lvl 8 inquisitor on BB.  But I have a lvl 90 dirge on Nagafen I’ve got to keep for the vet xp bonus.  I also have a couple of other low level toons on Nagafen that could go – have no desire to ever go back there again.  I’ve got a wizard on BB that’s holding down the fort in my very first guild – we created it at launch, and I just can’t let it go – so just have a toon parked there.  And I’ve got two copied toons still left on Freeport.  There was no sense in transferring them back to BB, as I had made no progress on them.  I don’t plan to play on Freeport anymore – so I should just delete them.  Yet, I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Maybe because it would just be so final in leaving Freeport, which was my home for over a year.  It was a great server – probably my favorite server over the years.


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